Thursday, May 2, 2013


My background is as a writer, producer, director of Kids' and Family Television.  You can find me on IMDB easily enough.  I produced The Magic School Bus (season one), created the sound effects for The Inspector Gadget Show, served as Executive Story Editor on Atomic Betty - and created (wrote, produced and directed) Freaky Stories.  I did a whole lot more, but those are the highlights.

Over the years, I worked on a lot of good shows, with a lot of great people.  As all great things do - my career came to an end - so I reinvented myself.  I run Media Literacy workshops in the Toronto Canada area.  They're called PUPPETS COOL! - and yes, we make puppets.  And we do other cool stuff - lots of it.  I like to think that PUPPETS COOL! is about unleashing the power of imagination.

We live in amazing times.  Science and technology have brought us most of the things promised in the Sci-Fi movies of my youth.  We have rockets (You rock, Burt Rutan!), robotics are booming.  The silver suits and flying cars?  Well...  There's still hope.  The point is, technology has made it easy - and cheap to achieve the things that I dreamed about when I was a boy.

So about 6 months ago while contemplating my STAR TREK (Special Edition) Blu-Ray case - shaped like a model of the U.S.S. Enterprise - the thought hit me, "This would look REALLY cool in space."

And so, the adventure began...

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  1. Your U S S Enterprise looks a real beauty flying high between the stars.